The End Of The First Week

The end of the week is near and nothing special happened. I suddenly made a big progress at work while testing the websites. I was able to learn HTML5 and CSS within 3 days which was impressive for my boss at work. He seems to be very satisfied with my work and happy about me finding many bugs on the websites which we have to get rid off. To give you a view of how it looks like, just click the link below.

Testing and finding problems

I also happened to have bad luck with the weather as it is sunny when I work and suddenly turn out to be rainy again when I leave work to go home beaten as I am from working.

Anyway the weekend is about to arrive and I had some plans for it. As for that I went to Lidl with Marcel Meissner who was so kind to show me where he found it. But sadly before that I kind of cracked my left food well it didn’t seem to be enough that my left knee is messed up at all. Beside that after I got food for the next few weeks now I was kind of satisfied that i don’t have to go shopping every two days.

Right after bringing home the food I wanted to go for some Japanese food and so I went out to go to the restaurant named Sakura. But enough said just have a look for yourself and see what I’ve got there.

Startinng of with a little meal

Having a delicious main menu

Last but not least when I went home I was able to get a nice view of the Garden near the place I am living right now!

Right after the rain there will be sun again

Thats mostly it for the first week but don’t forget to honor the Twinkie!

The most wonderful thing in the world!

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