11452.ausgang ZWEI

11461.lecture preparation to follow…

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it seems as if shows up some suspects.

NV: lyrik

estee: lyrik

g.g.: prosa

potmaschin: text

st.: essai

theres slight male dominance, but brooklyn nvna counts 2 of men. we raised this as topic of discussion and came to the conclusion that quality be the main aspect of how to judge literature. the participants including me come from a background where our writing is although being the most important thing to do does not direct of how we make a living. only one we found out is earning real money from their writing, the rest ist more or less well compensated for efforts.

we decided to prolonge a sujet onto the next session next exit shabbes because we had to finish after one slept away during reading. so next issue well talk further about poetry’s function within language akquisition and the for and against translation and in witch form of poetry is necessary to :understand: a poem.

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