11451.ausgang uno

  1. session 001 fini.


since only four people showed up the reading/discussion didnt really expanded beyond 00.46 berlin time. the next session will start earlier for convenience of german visitors although we consider shabbesausgang as commencement a good idea. unless not developing a majority of brooklyn attendees we think of to end of year verfrühenden exit shabbes NY a good idea to begin session.

reading participants:

N.W.: lyrik, deutsch

potmaschin: text, deutsch

marlon noy: prose, english

st.: poetologie, deutsch

  • how do expressions of anger vary in aspects of the (grade of literarizität)
  • which literary form is the most violent, agressive one bzw. which form contributes best to expressing anger/agression
  • which stylistic features characterise (politically consciuos) literature of today
  • what is the difference in stylistic repertoire of progressive/nonprogressive writers/speakers

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