2nd series editors’ meeting in Berlin


Microphone in hand and outer space camera at the far end: we are ready for the video conference!

The second series editors’ meeting took places in Berlin on Friday November 7.
After the last meeting in March the project has made good progress, and there are a number of decisions to be made. Unfortunately, due to various reasons, not all series could attend. Furthermore, a strike on the German railway network meant that Studies in Laboratory Phonology could also not be present. We made a virtue of necessity and tried a video conference in order to allow people who could not make it to attend nevertheless. We have now gained some experience with the setup now, and so future meetings will include this possibility right from the start, making general participation easier.

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Workflow 2.0

How do you publish books with Language Science Press? We have modeled our workflow in more detail. Prose guidelines will follow shortly. In the meantime, have a look at the flowchart. Anything unclear? Use the comment section to ask a question.