Language Science Press Meeting at DGfS Annual Conference Leipzig

Time: 2015 March 3, 14:00h

Place: Hörsaal 4 of Leipzig University’s Hörsaalgebäude, very close to Gewandhaus and Augustusplatz in the city centre

Between March 4 and 6, several hundred linguists from many different countries will attend the Annual Conference of the DGfS (Deutsche Gesellschaft für Sprachwissenschaft) at Leipzig University. Many of them will be interested in open-access publication and Language Science Press’s publication model, and in fact quite a few are already editorial board members or supporters.

We are organizing a one-hour meeting on the day before the conference (March 3) to bring together colleagues who would like to get an update on LangSci’s activities and to discuss future developments with us. There is no need to register for this meeting – anyone can just drop by.

The Language Science Press meeting will be followed immediately by a more general panel discussion on the future of linguistics publication (at 15:30, also Hörsaal 4). Panelists are Martin Haspelmath (MPi-EVA Leipzig), Kai von Fintel (MIT), Alexander Bergs (U Osnabrück), Stefan Müller (FU Berlin), and Henriette Rösch (Leipzig University Library). The topic is the major changes in publication technology and practice that we are witnessing and what linguists should do to profit from the new opportunities.

Sebastian Nordhoff, Stefan Müller, Martin Haspelmath

Workflow 2.0

How do you publish books with Language Science Press? We have modeled our workflow in more detail. Prose guidelines will follow shortly. In the meantime, have a look at the flowchart. Anything unclear? Use the comment section to ask a question.

Presentation at DGfS 2014: Open-Access-Bücher für die Linguistik: Language Science Press

Presentation of Language Science Press at the annual meeting of the DGfS (German association of linguistics).

Hörsaal 00/0020 im Hörsalgebäude, 05.03.2014, 12:45–13:45

We introduce Language Science Press, publish the first three books and discuss open access in general and our approach (financed by the DFG with more than 575.000€) in particular. The talks will be in German, the discussion in German or English.