Job Interview

Hey everybody,
I had my job interview yesterday. The night befor I was so excited, that I didn´t slept so well. In my dream Riccardo was standing in front of my bed and he told me, that it was nonsens to go in the pub. Next day he convinced me from the opposite. Anyway, the job interview was quite good. Kevin came with me and gave me support. Two people, an old man and a younger one called Christy talk to me. The older man, how seemed to be the big boss had a realy rude accent. He mumbled a bit and spoke very fast. They asked me some questions aboute my apprentisechip and my work in germany and after 10 minutes they showed my the office, kitchen and the serverroom. Now it´s weekend and in the evening we will go the pub where my housemates went on thursday. I am a bit nervous because I am not allowed alcohol at all, but I think I will handle this. Hopefully the girls are nice and opendmindet, how Steffen and Riccarde told me ^^.
So, my next impression come soon…
Greetz Friedrich


Hi guys,
The highlight of the day was to cook for my housemates Steffen and Riccardo. First I went with Steffen together to the supermarket to get some foot for cooking. Finally there was curry-chicken with rise on our plates.
Unhappily I got a cold like David. Since the workshop last weekend my sore throat wents to a real cold. So, the last two day I did everything to become healthy. Even I took a bath and now I will go to bed, because tomorrow there is my jobinterview. I am very nervous and I hope everything will be allright. Well, tomorrow I will give informations about the progress of the job interview.
Greetz Friedrich