Cliffs of Moher and than… hoarse

The last sightseeing trip was to the Cliffs of Moher, certainly I had to do.
I was also there with my colleagues Tino.

That was really impressive, but I think I mustn’t upload any pictures from this great cliffs, because Marco has in his entry „See the Cliffs of Moher“ really good pictures. I have many pictures, but we have not enough space and that would be really the same like marco’s.
We walked far along the cliffs until the peak in the south. The weather was also good except in the time, where were waiting for the bus.

Then… on sunday… we know it all, was the World Cup game, Germany against England. I have seen this game in a pub/club called Fitzsimons, on a screen with beamer.
There I have met many germans. But I thinks the english were a bit in the majority. And these english were not so happy after the first half time. 🙂 That I can understand…
Everyone knows the result, 4:1. All Germans, shouting very loudly as germany scored, especially the first two goals, so that I was hoarse.
It was really an awesome game.

So then… cu


Today, we are finished with our database. Certainly the beta version. This week we have removed errors and created the login option. We give the database Peter, who is testing the database. Then, on Monday he tells us, how good our bad it is. I think, there is still work in the last week.
Furthermore, I have designed a new logo for Computer Doctor, which is still not finished. By the way, Computer Doctor will also change its name.
That’s what I have done.

See you next time!

Bray Head

The Sunday was exciting again. I was in Bray with Tino, my colleague. Bray located on the coast, in the south of Dublin.
We drove there with the DART. We went along the beach, is a bad beach, because the beach is a very stony beach. And the water is not very cold, but it is like a sludge, many algae. Then we went to the mountian called Bray Head.   Certainly we want to see the city from the top of the mountian, because it was very nice weather. Well, we climbed the mountain, which was 241 metres high. During the way we have already seen the beautiful landscape.

On the top was 360° awesome view.
On the top I have bathed in the sun and then we have choosen another way down to the city.


Cliffs of Howth

Hi everybody!

The last days were really impressive I think. The Friday was not soo great, but the FIFA World Cup has started. yeah 🙂

On Saturday I was with Tino, my colleague, in Howth, which is located in the north-east of Dublin. Howth is located on a peninsula. And this peninsula we have explored. Certainly not quite, but enough. That was impressive! We have seen beautiful Landscapes and furthermore seals, which were feed from the tourists there.  That was at the Harbor of Howth.
We couldn’t go around the whole peninsula. But we have done the quarter of the peninsula I think. There we have seen very impressive cliffs and landscapes.

The World Cup started also for Germany on sunday. Certainly we watched it. Very nice game I’ve seen so far in the world cup.

Besides I have to say, nice weather here, again.


Visits… and rainy days

The last Wekkend Mr. Bavar and Mrs. Janecke were to visit us! On Friday we met her in a pub at her hotel. We talked and drank. But not to much, because they wanted to get the plane to home, unfortunately they could not so long.
So, then we are went further in the club, called „Fitzsimons“, and since we did party, until we „kicked out“ are… as ever… so 3pm.

On Saturday I was at the Guinness Brewery. It is unfortunately not purely in the right Brewery. For visitors, there is the Guinness Storehouse, where the most important parts of the factory were adjusted. It is seven floors high and when you reach the top, you get a pint (which is 568ml) for free.
There you can see over the city and until the sea. But, like I sad, the weather was not so good this Weekend.

On Sunday, we were initially in the Q-Bar, where we drank a beer and chilled. Then we went into the adjoining club, called „Twenty One“. This is a club, which play R&B and a bit charts,  mostly. What we did not know, this evening was a foam party there. Yeah … It was super fun, although I was at the end pretty wet, of course. At this point, greetings to Germany! 😉 And yes, we have long celebrated 🙂 … because we had Monday one holiday. It was a spring holiday.

The beautiful weather we have sent to Germany this weekend! For here it is very rainy. … Ireland, as I imagined!

Since tuesday, Mr. Schlenger is here in Dublin to visit us. And we were tuesday and yesterday with him in a pub, called Porterhouse.

I wanted a few pictures to upload, but there is not enough space and that although the pictures of me are gone. Maybe I can make up for it yet.


… gone

I have no clue how it could happen, but all my messages are gone. 🙁 Except the last one.

I want to try reproduce the entries, or I just write a longer one. I don’t know…
And now I save my enties. 😉

See you then.

A Dublin Night

Hello to all!
I think we now had the first days, where the weather was not so good.
But we have made the best of it …
David and Sebastian from Belfast visited us on Saturday, also Marco and Alex, from Herberton apartment were there. We drank a lot of beer in our apartment; we knew how expensive is the evening. see David’s and Lee’s entry.
Then we went to a pub which is called by all: “Le Cirk”, go there and drank a beer and have moved on.

Then we landed in the Tempelbar Street, where we found a club with live music and we have gone into it. The name of this club I do not remember. There we saw also Lena’s win at Euro Vision Song Contest. It was there on television. Then, when David and Sebastian have spent enough money, we have brought them to the bus station.

But for us was the evening of course not over yet! We went to a pub, where we picked up two other friends of Lee. With which we went into the “Porter House”. A very nice club, which brews their own beer!
But unfortunately the club closed about 3am and we went home.

See you next time!