The last days in Dublin…

Hi folks!
3 Days left before we back home. The last weekend in Dublin we were at the coast in Bray, we had nice weather and we could see the sea one more time. On Sunday we saw the brilliant victory of the Germans, too. We were in a big pub and celebrated with 40 other Germans. I’m happy, that I can see the next match against Argentina in Berlin, because at the fan fest in Berlin is still the best atmosphere. What’s the news at work? I think everything is unchanged, we test bugs and define the status for our 5 onlinebooking websites. Yesterday I complete all important documents and Philip our department manager have duly signed everything.
Berlin, We’ll come back 🙂

Greetz Chriz

Sick and anticipation…

Hi folks!
For the last 2 days I can’t report a lot, because till today I was sick and I couldn’t go to work. Nevertheless I followed the tight victory from Germany against Ghana at the apartment of Marco and Alex. The other peers of my apartment followed the game in our favourite pub for FIFA World Cup games. At Saturday we want to go to the coast again, but this time on the other side, I hope the weather will be clear.
I very much look forward to get home!
Greetz to Germany and Belfast.


Let’s talk about…

Hi folks!
At first I must write about the really nice weather in Dublin, that we had for the last days, the sun shines all day long and you enjoy every minute you can spend outside. Friday we have celebrated the birthday of Dajana with some other peers of the Lane and the Herberton apartments. The next interesting moment was on Sunday, we started the day with a visit at the „AIB Street Performance World Championship“, there were different street artists, who present very good shows. After that we went by the Dart to the coast and watched there some seals and clambered over cliffs. At work is everything unchanged, we get a list with a lots of bugs for a website and we have to retest them.
Actually we do every day the same at work, only it is about an other website.


the last week…

Hi folks!
At work we occupied with bugs and translations, like the last weeks. That means we have to find bugs on, this is the beta website with a new design and new functions. During the next few weeks the beta website of hostelworld should be transfered to the first website of hostelworld.

At Friday I took a girl from germany over the city of Dublin and our apartment, after I picked she up from the airport.
At Saturday we looked some sights of Dublin and went by the tram with 2 peers of the other apartment to a big shopping center. On Sunday we visited the „Irish National War Memorial Park“, thats a ancient monument from the first world war. After that we cut across the biggest park of Dublin, the „Phoenix Park“ and saw some deers there. In the evening we enjoyed the brilliant win of Germany in a bar with 11 screens.

„54, 74, 90, 2010
Yes we all join in
With the heart in the hand and the passion in the leg
We will be World Champion.“

I hand the pictures of some sights in later.
Greetz to Belfast but principally to Berlin!

where work is concerned…

Hi folks!
The whole last week, we have to test 2 more websites ( and
Now I explain, how we proceed:
– We get a Excel table with a lot of listed bugs (about 200-400 bugs) for a specific website.
– Leo an I split the list, we organise our own workload.
– The list contains the bug ID, the reporter, a short summary of the bug, the priority and the status.


ID Sev Pri Reporter Status Resolution Summary Retest Status
5277 blo P1 Kristen Bourrillion NEW No availability showing

when there is availability

– We use a tool, it is called Bugzilla to create bugs and retest bugs.
– We enter the ID at Bugzilla and get the complete information of the bug.
– Now we check, if the issue is still remains.
– As a last resort, we give a retest status for the bug.

Later more about work…
Greetz to Germany,

There’s no news

Hi folks!
The weekend passed, like the last weekends. On Friday we went to a club („twenty one“) with some peers of the other apartments,
we drank several alcoholic drinks and enjoyed the music. On Saturday we made our own „pub-crawl“ with our best friends „Guinness“ and „Bulmers“,
incidently we followed the Eurovision Song Contest 2010 at TV. But the weather wasn’t on our side this weekend and I got soaked to the skin, but on Monday when we were also at a club, I took along my German umbrella. Only the umbrella was after a few minutes completely soppy.
Later more about the rainy days in Dublin.

Greetz to Germany!

our district
view from our balcony
view from our balcony
our district 🙂
sign in a pub
sign in a pub

from morning to night

Hi folks!

At Monday it was back to the rat race. This work week wasn’t very varied. Up at 7.30 am and sometimes I get up on the wrong side of bed… At 9 o’clock I start with work. But with an empty bag cannot stand upright. So we go at the break to „Laundis“ and buy the „Weekly Madness“(sandwich) for only 2€ at 1 o’clock pm. At work we’re looking for bugs and test them (every day) and translate some English strings into German or bad German into understandable German. After work we go to our apartment and eat something again (6.15 pm). Afterwards we do a lot of sport at gym or do nothing and watch a movie… However I think the weekend will be better…

See you later…
Greetz Chriz

Nice weekend…

Hi Folks!

After a hard working week, we were allowed to start in our long looked-for weekend.

On Friday we met some peers of the other apartments and some Germans, which make a internship or other things like that in Dublin and went to a bar, directly on a big shopping promenade. There were lots of young people, differently to the „old pubs“. We drank there some beer and listened to the „awesome“ music.

On Saturday I was shopping with some peers and enjoyed the nice weather at 26 degrees. After that we watched the champions league final 2010 between Inter and FC Bayern at our apartment. Bayern have pulled to pieces… The referee blew for full-time and we went by the Luas in the city to go once again in the Tripod – Club. And again the club closed at 3 o’clock sharp.

On Sunday we slept late and made nothing the whole blessed day.

Greetz to Germany…

work, work, work…

Hi folks!

On Monday we got a new task at work, we got a list with 300 Bugs for and we have to test them. We are committed to improve the quality of this website. But that’s a very monotonous job – i think. The worst is, when we checked a bug most of the time we find a new bug and must open a new ticket. There we begin at 9 o’clock and work till 5.30 pm we haven’t lot of freetime. When we come home around 6.15pm we are very hungry and completely buggered.
I hope from today on we may go to the gym and can use the pool, the jacuzzi and the other things we can do to relax a little bit. The weekend can come… this time I haven’t a picture, sry.

Greetz to Germany and Belfast 🙂


The first week is over…

Hi folks!

On friday we had our last workday for this week and we could start in the weekend at least.

Our weekend started with a long friday… we arranged a meeting with some peers of the other apartments at our den.

There we drunk a little… I call it „preparty“.

After that, I don’t know the exact time… we went to the club „Tripod“ according to plan.

The good was, that all were let in… but on the other hand, the club shut down at 3 o’clock am.

Disappointed, we walked back home 🙁

At Saturday we slept it off and experienced a unspectacular day.

Today we did one’s shopping and enjoyed the nice weather.

See you soon.

Greetz Chriz

Tripod Club Dublin