Absolutely no goal…


I think all of us have seen the victory of the German team against the English one. It was awesome.

I am currently involved in doing all my paper stuff for all organizations. So nothing special.

I only want to share one picture with you, that you know it was not a disallowed goal!

Short entry..

Hello to everybody,

For some reason my laptop didn’t boot yesterday and I really don’t know why. I used the True Crypt Recovery CD and now it is working fine, so it should be something to do with the boot loader.

Today I have to reinstall another computer to get it working fine. I don’t think that this will take me the whole day, therefor I can use my time to complete the registration for the Cisco competition and to check all e-mails from the OSZ-IMT to get to know what things I have to do here before I leave Ireland. I started to lean for the competition yesterday, but it is very difficult to get me to deal with the Cisco CCNA stuff again and again. Will it never stop?

Hopefully it’s not without success.


Hi to everybody!

Yesterday, Sunday, was the World Refugee Day. The Africa Centre and other social organizations took part in a fair play football cup organized by the UNHCR.

I was also playing for the Africa Centre and it was a lot of fun. I think we reached the semi-finals and were knocked out by a more professional team, who played together before. There were free drinks and free food for all players. All in all in was very nice.

After the cup, Mbemba, the guy who is responsible for me, asked me and another intern, she is from the United States, to lunch. We went to an Italian restaurant, which makes very good pizza.

Today, at work, I backed up their old accounting software “Quicken 2002 Deluxe”, because I have to reinstall the computer where the software was installed.

My CCNA Voice knowledge is going ahead, but it is a really hard stuff.

Not more than two weeks till the internship will be finished. I am looking forward to see my girlfriend and being home again.

See you soon.



There are some movements at work. I explored some solutions for Microsoft Outlook how to share Contacts from each pc with each other. I looked closer to OsaSync. It’s a freeware solution with the possibility to share/synchronize contacts from four PC’s. Unfortunately, it doesn’t share/synchronize distribution list, but I showed them how to send a distribution list with a mail and how the receiver can use them out of the mail, so nothing special, nothing difficult.

I continued working on my CCNA Voice, also looking up my mistakes in the Cisco NetRiders Challenge to improve my knowledge. If someone wants to have a closer look to the Packet Tracer Activity at the Challenge, I will upload it.

On Saturday my girlfriend and me went to the Phoenix Park and afterwards to the Dublin Zoo. It cost 15€ each, so very expensive. It wasn’t as good as some people tell us, but it was ok.

On Sunday my girlfriend had to leave, because her holidays were over. So I am on my own.

Maybe I will upload some pictures from the Zoo later.

Take care!

NetRiders Germany Contest 2010


Nothing special is happening at work. I am still uploading all the old e-mails to the new mail server and besides I am learning for the CCNA Voice to pass it after our internship.

My girlfriend is feeling better, so hopefully we can start tomorrow to visit places, which we have not seen yet.

Maybe you heard about the Cisco NetRiders Germany 2010 contest from Mr. Henze. I decided yesterday at 11pm to create an account for the competition, deadline was 12pm, and to participate in it today. I did so and do not feel very well with my result, but finally it was enough to achieve the third place of all who participated.

That means I won a place to compete in the International NetRiders 2010 contest against my peers in more than 40 countries to win a trip to the USA in January 2011 on 7 July.

I also won a CCNA voucher. Now I can do my CCNA exam, which I already passed, for free. 😀 Maybe I can transfer it to a CCNA Voice voucher. 😛

I really do not know if I start learning to maybe (…) have a chance to go to Cisco in the USA for a week or do it just for fun.

See the Cliffs of Moher

Hey all!

My girlfriend and me left the visitation of our instructor very early, because we had a trip to the Cliffs of Moher from Saturday to Sunday.

We set the alarm to half past 5am to get started for our visit. We left the apartment at half past 7am and took the LUAS to Abbey Street to take the GoBus directly to Galway.

These Buses are very cool, because they are clean, fast and have WLan on board, which we didn’t use, but it’s a nice feature. Instead of surfing the internet, we used the bus journey to see beautiful landscapes of Ireland from Dublin to Galway.

By all appearances Ireland isn’t the country of sheep. On our journey we saw much more cows than sheep. I don’t know, perhaps the sheep are only in special regions.

The bus journey to Galway took 2 hours 30 minutes. We arrived at Galway unknowingly when the bus to Doolin starts, because the information we found is from 2009. Fortunately, we only had to wait 45 minutes.

We utilized the free time to have breakfast and to purchase some medication for my girlfriend, because she felt getting sick. Safety first!

The bus from Galway to Doolin wasn’t as good as the GoBus, but the bus driver was awesome. At beautiful places he drove slowly and he organized a transport to our accommodation, because the bus stop is 4km away. This bus journey took 1 hour and 35 minutes, all in all we spent 6 hours to get from our apartment to our accommodation for the night.


We moved into our room and slept for an hour, because we were so tired.

We tumbled up and decided to hike to the Cliffs of Moher to see the landscape instead of calling a taxi. Unfortunately the way to the Cliffs is longer as we expected.

After 2 hours hiking we needed a break and something to eat. We found a bar and it was really delicious.

We were prepared for the next 2 hours, which we had to hike to reach the Cliffs.

Finally, we reached our arrival point, after hiking 3-4 hours on normal streets in towns, farm tracks and country roads, which was sometimes very dangerous, because some roads are very curvy, so some car drivers didn’t see us walking.

The Cliffs of Moher are very impressive. So massive and beautiful. Have a look to the pictures.

We wanted to see the sunset, sadly we had to leave. I mentioned before, that my girlfriend felt getting sick and the hike finished her off. It wasn’t so bad, because the weather was very cloudy and it wasn’t possible to see a lovely sunset.

We were very surprised that the taxi back to our accommodation only cost 20 €. Afterwards it was nevertheless a nice hike for such a long time without seeing any other people on few ways.

The next morning my girlfriend had 38°C, therefor we did nothing except sleeping and waiting for our bus back to Dublin. Nothing special more happened on Sunday.

So see you soon and take care!

PS: Have a lot more pictures, on request, don’t want to spam^^

Hello to everyone,

Sorry that I did not write a blog entry for more than a week. It is because nothing happened. I wake up, go to work, go to the apartment and then talking to my girlfriend, so yes, I am a very boring person for most of the people here. HAHAHA

The day before yesterday the dryer in our apartment got broken, so I will buy a clothes dryer during my lunch hour.

Fortunately, my girlfriend com here for two weeks on Sunday, so I think from this date I get started to have a look at Dublin and Ireland in general. We already booked a room for one night near the Cliffs of Moher, so we are hoping to see a beautiful sunset there.

The Africa Centre has many activities to inform people from Africa and people in general about many different things.

Yesterday they had their annual lecture and talked about how sport, e.g. football, can help to improve the development for people. They showed a movie of the Women Fighters FC, a women football club from Zanzibar, which is about how football changed the life of these women in a positive way.

I started to work with their new e-mail system from Rackspace. It is a little bit difficult to get the Company Directory, similar to the global address book at exchange, working. So I am in contact with their provider Host Ireland and we are trying to solve it. As of the day the Company Directory is working fine I have to upload all their e-mails to the new e-mail accounts, because they currently store all their e-mails locally on their PC’s, so they cannot access them from outside the office or on a different PC.

I think this will take a lot of time, because the Africa Centre only have ADSL with an upstream of 1Mbps and I think I have to upload more than 4 GB e-mails.

If there is nothing to do for me at work I continue my self-study about CCNA VOICE, which I want to pass after our internship. It is a really difficult topic, because you have to start from the beginning, my CCNA does not really help me to learn the VOICE stuff. So it will be drudgery to pass it.

Finally, my girlfriend arrived here on Sunday. She will stay here for two weeks, so I feel a lot better nowJ

I know that this blog is a little bit confusing, that is because I wrote him on many different days.

Take care! Bye!

Maybe the end of Apartment Crawling

Day 08 – 17/05/2010


First of all nobody talked to us to change the apartment on Monday, so maybe we are lucky. After work we met our schoolmates at their apartment and they tried to teach me skat. We played skat for an hour an then Alexander and me went to our apartment hoping not to hear from our caretaker Ricardo that we have to change our apartment. I had spare ribs for lunch and I have to tell you that they tasted very good so if you were interested you could buy them at Lidl, I think for 3.99€

So keep your fingers crossed for us that we do not have to change our apartment tomorrow.

Who can find the TESCO?

Day 07 – 16/05/2010


I slept something around eleven to twelve hours, so I feel a little bit better. I did nothing special on this day. At 1pm I watched the Formula One race in Monaco. Unfortunately, it was a very boring race, despite that the Safety Car was in action for four times.

In the afternoon we (all people from the OSZ-IMT, who are living at Herberton Apartments) looked for an TESCO (a bigger supermarket) in our surrounding. We found it but it is about 2km faraway.

After we put our stuff into our apartments we went to Lidl, too.

In the evening we had launch and watched a little bit TV.

Cold sucks… Die Hard rocks…

Day 06 – 15/05/2010


My cold got worse. So most of the time of the day I rested in my bed and talking to my girlfriend via Skype. At some time, I do not now status of the day, Alexander and I went to the nearest Lidl to purchase some food and drinks. We had chicken breast filets with chips. The filets tasted very good but the chips not 😉

In the evening we found a tv channel which showed “Die Hard I” so we decided to watch the movie. Did you ever hear Bruce Willis in english? For the first time in my life I thought the german voice actor fits Bruce Willis more than himself personally, he has such a funny voice, nothing brutal and very quiet.

Unfortunately, I did not sit through the whole movie and went to bed.