Remaining Days…

Without today there are only three more days left. For me its hard to beliefe, time went by so fast. I’m lucky if I did half of the things I wanted to do the time I’m here. By the way.. our last Weekend was great (Houseparty, Football and Beach.. nothing more to say here 😉 ).
There is not much to tell about my work, website still is ready but not online. I’m running out of work at the moment and there is nothing more to do for me in this company. I’ll try to enjoy the last working days here and hopefully meet a few of my new friends here so I’m able to say goodby to them.

Regards, Tim

The last two days

were not really exciting. On thursday we stayed at home because we are goint out now (Friday). This is our last Weekend so we are going to enjoy it ALOT! At work I got the Website ready but John wants more details changed… I think it will not go online as long as I’m available at bloomBPO to change things.

Today I programmed noting, was just having a look at the CSS files and fixing some small bugs, had a talk to John and was saying goodby to my french college as it was his last day at bloom today.

Thats it,

C u in 7 Days

Almost done and I will miss it

Well almost done, the time here is as good as over. There are only 2 Weeks and one Weekend left (only one Weekend, damn..). Lee and me have been to Belfast this Saturday to visit our collegues there and the Giants Causeway. One more great memory to recall in the future, it was really impressive and we had luck with the weather, sun almost everywhere.

Foto vom Giants Causeway mit Blick richtung Klippen
Foto vom Giants Causeway mit Blick richtung Klippen

When we came back to Dublin on Sunday evening, for me, it felt like I was coming home. Wired feeling when you know you don’t really live here and that you’r going back to Berlin in a few days.
I know I will miss the time and the people I met here and I will surely be coming back one day.

I can say almost the same about my work, the website is ready and there are only small bugs John (my boss) wants to be changed. The last two weeks I will write a Documentation about what I’ve done so people after me are able to work witth what I’ve created. The only thing that is different is that I won’t miss the work here. It was okay for the time I’m here but much longer and I would go crazy.

Thats it for the moment…

Cheers, Tim

Arbeit! Arbeit!

Moin everyone,

because lee alread told you about our Weekend )hopefully, I didn´t read his Blog so far) I don´t have much things to tell you. Work is the same, this friday I´m going to present the template for Joomla wich I have created in the past few days. Hope John (my Boss) likes it. Anyway I´m looking forward to the next Weekend, I promised myself not to spend mony on anything else than food in this week so I can save some money wich is rare enough for us here in Dublin.

My next Blog will come on Monday evening because we have a long Weekend this time here in Irland and we don´t have to work on monday.

c u soon,


something about my work…

Moin everyone, this time I’ll start with my work even through there would be enough to tell about my hollydays. The last two weeks I was working on the design of a new website for On Wensday I had to present it to my Chefs so I worked hard and was ready after abount one week. I used the rest of the week to build a backend so the that the people would still be able to modefie the page after I’m gone. At the meeting my Chef then told me that he likes the design but wanted everything compatible with his CMS Joomla. So last thuesday I began to lern how to build templates for joomla. Its reltivley easy and I really don’t know what they are going to do with me when I’m done with the page because there is not much more work to do. As Lionel already wrote mine and his Weekend (and even midweeks) was full of nice people and party. BBQ on a roof, the beach etc. etc. hope we can stay close to this level of entertainment for the remaining weeks.

regards Tim

and Suddenly! Brasilians everywere!

Moin everyone,

last weekend, Lee and I where invited to a BBQ. Actually Lee knew most of the people because he met them on Friday at a houseparty. Anyways I did’t know what was awaiting me. First of all we had to meet his french coworker at someplace ( I actually forgot the name of the place, but there is a huge metallic needle pointing towards the sky) and we had only twenty minutes to get there by foot, normally its about 30 to 40 minutes. So we were more running instead of walking. We arrived 2 minutes to late and the girl was not there, she came about 10 minutes later(damn it!).

We had to take the bus to get to the BBQ because it was way out of Dublin. Finally at the BBQ we realised that the Grill was a simple hole in the ground with a grillage on it, but Caio (the brasilian guy who was giving the BBQ) had at least half a cow, in the form of brasilian steaks and sausages, in his house (no really it was very very much).  He grilles the steaks medium rare and they tasted awsome. Actually it was not like in Germany where everyone gets his own plate. the steaks and sausages where put an a Plate near the Grill and then cut to fine slices. Everyone who was hungy coud get there, take a peace or two, and eat whenever he or she wantet (really fun).

Most of the time we where talking english, even when I talked to lee. I don’t know why but our main topic with most of the people there seemed to be beer 😉 . What Lee and I hat not realized was that about 17 From 20 poeple where from brasil and suddenly everyone was talking potugese (first because it was easyer for them, lates besause of the alcohol I think).

By the way, brasilian girls are getting a bit freaked out (or crazy,  like Raoul called it)  when they get drunk :).

Finally all the meat was gone and no one wanted to go home,  we had to take the next bus to Town. The only Problem with that was that there was only one last bus remaining to bring us into Town and Lee didn’t manage to get the brasilians out of the house. I was waitig at the Bus stop, the secont our Bus arrives Lee and the others ran around the corner, it was so damn close. Otherwise we would have had to walk back, which would have taken us about 3 to 4 hours or even worse (and this after our sprint from the afternoon).

Back into town we first went to a club but we didn’t stay long (don’t ask me why). Raoul brought us to another houseparty where everyone was in a costume. There where Carly Caplin,  a boy who was dressed like a girl and actually enjoied it a bit to much and much more. Unfortunatly there was not enough beer so Lee and I decided to get home around 4 o’clock in the morning or 4am.

We where drunk, exousted and tired but very happy (hopefully lee can upload some pictures, I need mz new Handy). Oh fuuu I forgot about my work..hell… next time.

Till then, Tim.


Moin everyone,

I’m tiered…the whole week was very exausting. Working from 9am to 18pm wasn’t fun but I managed to change it to 8.30am to 17.30pm, not much better but at least a bit. The Website I’m building has to be ready by friday next week. I don’t really know if my boss knows that I’m here for two month.. oh man. Actually everything is spinning while I’m sitting on the couch. Yesterday we where in a club called „POT“ or „POD“ ? I don’t know anymore but it was fun, when your drunk the english is floating and we talked to more people in one night than the whole last week before.

3 Coronas for 10 Euro .. fuuuuuu … but somehow I got enough of it to get a drunk, finally. Anyway, Maik is still sleeping and Lee and I are gonna get into town now, to buy suits and do some sightseeing, naww .. I need a bank, Irland is so expesive. We don’t even have something for breakfirst. Well going now…

cya, Tim.

Arrival and first day @ work

Moin all together,

we arrived on Monday the 10th of May @ 12:30 o’clock. It was a great flight for me, maybe because it was the first I eveer made 😉 (Videos of flight and landing may be comming soon). Our Appartments are… okay… , our floor was flooded with water the first day and until now we are still walking in muddy carpet. Many things which you need on a daylie basis are’n there, for example Toilet paper or Soap.

My first day @ work has just passed and I have to say, I’m already missing my work in Berlin. I have to work from 9:00 to 18:00 o’clock and need 1 hour from my apartment to work and again 1 hour from work to my apartment. In fact there is no time to by anything on workdays because the stores are mostly closed at 18:00 o’clock. But I don’t want to switch the apartment because I would’t be able wo live with my collegues. By the way, I have to design a Website für BloomBPO (Business Process Outsourcing).

Lets see what kind of freaky surprises the rest of the 8 weeks hold for us.

Till then, Tim.