Cliffs of Moher and than… hoarse

The last sightseeing trip was to the Cliffs of Moher, certainly I had to do.
I was also there with my colleagues Tino.

That was really impressive, but I think I mustn’t upload any pictures from this great cliffs, because Marco has in his entry „See the Cliffs of Moher“ really good pictures. I have many pictures, but we have not enough space and that would be really the same like marco’s.
We walked far along the cliffs until the peak in the south. The weather was also good except in the time, where were waiting for the bus.

Then… on sunday… we know it all, was the World Cup game, Germany against England. I have seen this game in a pub/club called Fitzsimons, on a screen with beamer.
There I have met many germans. But I thinks the english were a bit in the majority. And these english were not so happy after the first half time. 🙂 That I can understand…
Everyone knows the result, 4:1. All Germans, shouting very loudly as germany scored, especially the first two goals, so that I was hoarse.
It was really an awesome game.

So then… cu

Cliffs of Howth

Hi everybody!

The last days were really impressive I think. The Friday was not soo great, but the FIFA World Cup has started. yeah 🙂

On Saturday I was with Tino, my colleague, in Howth, which is located in the north-east of Dublin. Howth is located on a peninsula. And this peninsula we have explored. Certainly not quite, but enough. That was impressive! We have seen beautiful Landscapes and furthermore seals, which were feed from the tourists there.  That was at the Harbor of Howth.
We couldn’t go around the whole peninsula. But we have done the quarter of the peninsula I think. There we have seen very impressive cliffs and landscapes.

The World Cup started also for Germany on sunday. Certainly we watched it. Very nice game I’ve seen so far in the world cup.

Besides I have to say, nice weather here, again.