Well it’s our last day here in Dublin and tomorrow our flight to Berlin goes at 7.30am. I am looking forward to see my friends and family even though I actually don’t really want to leave Ireland right now. I hope to come back here sometime in the near future. I had a really great time here and I am very thankful for the opportunity. Thanks to everyone supporting and organizing this trip.

Until tomorrow,

Berlin calling


That’s it. I enjoyed the time and I’m glad to come back to Berlin.

I still have something to do at work such as installing 2 laptops or changing hardware on a server. I purchased some cake and muffins for today. Now everyone is saying good bye to me and I’m feeling kind of sad at the moment.

But going home to Germany sounds really good and I am looking forward to seeing my girlfriend and my family again.

Nevertheless, I’d like to say thanks to all the people in the programm that made it possible for me to get the chance to work and live in ireland. Thanks a lot to the OSZIMT and the Afib for planning and supporting us.

I think this will be my last article and won’t write any more blog entries.


Last Day


this is it. My last day at work, nothing left to do  just waiting for my signatures. I’am nearly finished to pack my bags and looking forward to have a last (short) night in Belfast. We have to take the bus  in Belfast at o2.oo in the morning to arrive at Dublin airport on time.

It was a really good time here. My workplace was interesting and I learned a lot of things. Belfast is a nice city and David, Oliver and I had a good time here!

In diesem Sinne, wir sehen uns in Berlin!

Last weekend in Dublin

Friday evening we had a quite big party at a friend’s flat, mainly to say goodbye to all of them because it’s our last weekend. It had been a very nice evening.

On Saturday there was a big festival in Dublin: the “Gay Pride”, as you can imagine there where hundreds of people in the city center. I had a few nice conversations and meet even some straight girls. Later that evening some friends from Belfast joined us. I knew them from the last weekend when we have been to Belfast.

On Sunday I went to the Jameson Old Distillery with my friends from Belfast. The Guided Tour was quite interesting but quite expensive.

Afterwards we watched the match Germany – England. There have been surprisingly many Germans and German supporters. You could hear there were less supporters for the English team when they shoot there first goal.
Afterwards we went to the beach in Malahide. There were a lot of people enjoying the good weather and Tim and I joined some friends to relax there. I wanted to try the temperature of the water so got into the water with my feet when suddenly a friend push me so that I dropped into the water and my pants was completely wet. Of course I wanted my revenge so I took her and jumped into the water while carrying here. The water was surprisingly warm. Here you can see the result:

Maybe it was not the best idea because I couldn’t change my pants for a couple of hours.

Anyway see you soon,

doing the paperwork


I am really busy at the moment. There is a lot to do at work and I am really slowly while finishing all the paperwork that we have to do for the OSZIMT. There are several installations for different PCs and customers. I changed the pickup rollers on two printers and I had to upgrade the Disk space and RAM of two Server Systems. In addition to that, there is a Laptop which needs to be repaired (I think that I have to change the mainboard). Beneath, I’m trying to complete my european mobility pass and my report for the School.

Kevin, our organisator, is back in Belfast and we invited him to have dinner with us this evening. As no one else in the house is able to cook, I’ll have to do that. But I don’t care because it’s one of my hobbies.

So there ist not much time to get on with the paperwork and I think that I have to finish the report at home.

see you

The last days in Dublin…

Hi folks!
3 Days left before we back home. The last weekend in Dublin we were at the coast in Bray, we had nice weather and we could see the sea one more time. On Sunday we saw the brilliant victory of the Germans, too. We were in a big pub and celebrated with 40 other Germans. I’m happy, that I can see the next match against Argentina in Berlin, because at the fan fest in Berlin is still the best atmosphere. What’s the news at work? I think everything is unchanged, we test bugs and define the status for our 5 onlinebooking websites. Yesterday I complete all important documents and Philip our department manager have duly signed everything.
Berlin, We’ll come back 🙂

Greetz Chriz

Cliffs of Moher and than… hoarse

The last sightseeing trip was to the Cliffs of Moher, certainly I had to do.
I was also there with my colleagues Tino.

That was really impressive, but I think I mustn’t upload any pictures from this great cliffs, because Marco has in his entry „See the Cliffs of Moher“ really good pictures. I have many pictures, but we have not enough space and that would be really the same like marco’s.
We walked far along the cliffs until the peak in the south. The weather was also good except in the time, where were waiting for the bus.

Then… on sunday… we know it all, was the World Cup game, Germany against England. I have seen this game in a pub/club called Fitzsimons, on a screen with beamer.
There I have met many germans. But I thinks the english were a bit in the majority. And these english were not so happy after the first half time. 🙂 That I can understand…
Everyone knows the result, 4:1. All Germans, shouting very loudly as germany scored, especially the first two goals, so that I was hoarse.
It was really an awesome game.

So then… cu

Last Monday in Belfast

Hi folks,

thats my last week in Belfast! At work  is nothing special to do anymore. I just have to present the information – pc to my co-workers tomorrow. Furthermore, I prepare myself to leave Belfast and go back to my lovely city Berlin. It’s a shame that we could only take 20 kgs of luggage with us. It’s totally inadequate for a stay of 2 months in a foreign country. Well, let’s see …

By the way, german national team was awesome yesterday!

Daily Mail:

„At least the sun’s still shining! Germany crush England 4-1“

Absolutely no goal…


I think all of us have seen the victory of the German team against the English one. It was awesome.

I am currently involved in doing all my paper stuff for all organizations. So nothing special.

I only want to share one picture with you, that you know it was not a disallowed goal!

Last week


I’m at work again and I have nothing else to do than, as you already know, installing computers. 2 Laptops and 2 Dekstops today. That’s all I have to do. I am thinking about anything else to tell about and that’s the weekend.

Sebastian, Oliver and I went to Glasgow on Sunday. Over there we visited the Celtic Football Stadium. I think that I’ve never seen such a great pure football stadium before. Just awesome. I think more details are included in the groundhopping article of Sebastian. Glasgow is a nice City and I regret that I was there for only a few hours.

Back in Belfast we all went to bed immediately. On Sunday we watched Germany beating England in a Pub.

That’s it. No Pictures and nothing else left to tell about.