Heyho Chickens!

I’ll try to find some stuff to tell you about…sorry for this kind of disjoined information.

Last friday I was out with my coworkers, we had a few pints of beer and dinner at the pub „The Kitchen“. They all were really generous and always wanted to pay for my pints. I’ve never had the chance to drink up before the next pint was coming in, maybe they tried to get me drunk.

I’ve been at home at the weekend because I have to safe money for my 2-week trip to England in a few weeks.

Yesterday I was just sitting around, reading a Cisco book at work, again.
Today, we’ll meet mr. Weigelt at the „Bot“ and talk about the company visitation on wednesday.

Side note for Lee: There are other companies too, who try to safe money with „employee management“….

For those of you who would like to see my great 7 Pound pub dinner, enjoy:

I’ve already started eating but I’ve got boiled Chicken stripes with Chips and salat from the supermarket fridge, yeayea…

Finished for the moment, bye!

belfast crime 2010 O____o

„Hello world!“

What about some new Belfast stories?
There is still nothing special to tell about my work right now…
But I can tell you about my funny weekend where I was really sick, lying in my bed.
Well, actually that’s it I was sick. On Sunday morning (around 3 am) my flatmate Bartosz woke me up with a noisy, piercing cry. After I was able to get up and went down the stairs I couldn’t realize anything except an open door. After closing the door I went back to bed. A while later Bartosz came to my room and told me about the things which have happened. There were two young thiefs in our house which were running out as Bartosz came home. He saw them and started to shout out for help.
By running away Bartosz caught/vanquish one with his Judo experience (Hey Steffen!) after they’ve splitted up while running away. The Police was coming soon and picked up one of the guys which Bartosz caught. At 10pm the forensic people came around for securing of evidence, they also told us that the other thief was caught too.

Except of this we were out of gas at saturday afternoon. The counter showed a remaining volume of 15m³ but it’s gone offline anyway. Nothing special so far ‚cause there are Centra shops which have opened 24hours a day where we can pay for our gas. But I really have to say: this way of paying gas sucks! WTB our „good old“ oil (:


Hello friends, how you doing?

My work is…let’s call it tiring.
(skip it if you don’t like those boring stuff)

I often got nothing or not a hell of a lot to do, except click-copy-paste-click-click-copy-paste…
The main problem is that this company is primary telephone-supporting. I talked a few times with my adviser (which is really the only unsympathetic guy in here) about joining a technician while visiting customers. He always told me stupid explanations why I couldn’t join one , such as „you need a CMI-shirt and blablabla“. Don’t get me wrong, CMI is really a nice small company but not a great option for trainees.
I fairly often try to talk with my co-workers to improve my listening and speaking skills.
Think they really like me and they enjoy learning simple german interjections. Except of this I really feel bored and take the free time for selfstudying like reading a book for CCSP (- Security Professional) or learn a few more things about SQL.

Let’s talk about really annoying things.

Wake up toys! The exhausting work-story is finished…for the moment.
So what about my great living community…
I’m the only one who’s cleaning the floors or something else, I’m the only person who cares about the dish washing and I don’t understand those guys!
One of them is sitting the whole day in his room, goes to bed at 9-10pm and stand up around 7:30am. This stupid tard placed one of his empty cornflake packages filled with wa**ing stuff right behind the kitchen garbage (THERE IS A TRASH BARREL just 5meters away outside the door!). I was nearly going enrage, after i’ve had to put the garbage out!
The other one is always going out to partys and discos but also crying about a lot of debits. Think he’s never heard of shaving too.
Finally my third great flatmate: Yesterday he was told to put a chicken kiev into the oven, a few minutes later he’ve told me about  a „finished“ meal.
I were really wondering about that and went down the stairs, saw the chicken at the table, the oven where already turned off and he told me „enjoy your meal!“ and started eating.
Yes, listen: the complete chicken kiev where raw. Sometimes I’m wondering how people like this one are able to survive, I really don’t know.

Without Oliver’s support I’m going crazy in this „living community“/house.

If this post is to offensive, delete it! But sometimes there are things which really have to be pointed out!

Maik’s blog entrys

Well, no problem Maik. I’ll check my RSS Feeds and post some of your entrys.
Sometimes i really feel like the saver of the nation (:
The First Day
Montag, Mai 10th, 2010

Our arriving was good and without any problems.
We drive at first in our apartments and then we were in the SWAN – Institute, where we got our bus-tickets and details for our companies and so on.
After that we purchase foods.

But than …
We go back to the apartments and there was the floor under water.
Now, stands a dehydrator in the floor. This will be dry in two days, hopefully.


The Apartments are shit.

The washbasin is a pure misconstruction, therefore the flooded floor.

The shower is very dirty. We want this disinfect for now.
Than, the heating in the living room don’t work.

We have too few cabinets in the room. I currently share a half cabinet with Alex. The other side is occupied by waterlines.

The washing machines are in the seventh floor and there are three mashines. One of these are damaged and the room and so on is very dirty.
All things looks very used.

So, I think that was it.

Hi at all!

Until now I have worked four days. And these days were very nice!

I work at the company, who is called “Computer Doctor”. They support users, repair notebooks and desktops from the user.
My work time is pretty fine, from 8 or 9am (flexible) to 2pm. But then Peter (my chef) give me more work home with.
I work with one another from the class together, is called Tino. And we have two projects:
The first project is create a database, because they are still working with notes. And then we create forms which going to integrated in Access. At the moment we work with a touchscreen pc to prepare for the Database and forms.

Sometimes comes Brain (this is the Boss of the company) into the room and screams: “Germans, bloody germans. I hate Germans”, or something.

It’s really funny most of the time.

So, that was it at first.


Hi to anybody who’s interested in my new highly motivated blog entry.
So what could I tell you? It’s pretty much the same tiring private stuff as Marco told before. Every day is fairly like the others: getting up, go to work, cook(/clean), skype and sleep. My workplace continues beeing monotonous, I’m pretty much like a computerstore technician. Right now, I’m waiting for the IIS and SQLServer installation to prepare my holidays (subsequently to my return to Germany).

As you may know, Mr. Bavar will come around (Belfast) at friday to visit our companys and appartements. I’m waiting eagerly just because it will give me some variety. Sounds insane, hm?

The only meaningfull message I could tell you is, Oliver left our house at sunday afternoon because of grievances. A really enviable chance for him, enjoy!

Cheers,                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     byebye, bye…bye!

Big history…

Hey boys and girls (:,
haven’t much to tell right now. But to keep you all informed I’ll tell some generally things.
At the weekend I’ve been bored and tired, truly not the best conditions to go out for party and meeting new people.
But at friday evening we’ve went to the Botanic Inn and afterwards to Laverys. As far as I realized, nothing special happend there.
At Saturday we’ve played Poker (David, Sebastian, Oliver, Bartosz and me), drunk a few pins of beer and talked ‚till 3 or 4am.
We’ve also done a small BBQ at sunday for chilling and enjoying the weather.

the great BBQ
our huge fireplace

Sorry guys, would like to be able to tell you more fascinating stuff…


Hey guys,
i hope everything is going fine.
My Department is still busy at the moment. Our high-rankings are back from Spain where they had conversations about company merging. I’ve nothing done today, hope i’ll get work soon. I’m sad that i couldn’t join a technician at one of his customer visitations.

Relating to our social life i’m a bit angry today. There are some things which are truly annoying me. Still hoping that it will clear up soon.

Take care,


Finally I’ve got some work for today. I’ve to resolve virus problems located at 2 laptops.

First day at work

Hey there,

first day at work is gone and everyone is really busy at the moment. Until tomorrow i’ll work/help at the Helpdesk. Yesterday i had to check the Firewall/Watchguard logins on many different internal and external servers and were also instructed to create new profiles there. Not as hard so far.
But, alot of people are really interested in my CCNA qualification even if there are alot of people with Cisco qualifications on the irish / uk market. A coworker told me right now that the CCNA is harder as any CCNP. He’s passed every Cisco qualification just like Jeremy.
For David: So, that was it at first.

Salesdepartment of CMI

My first impressions of Belfast

Hi folks!

We are here for 6 days now and i just could say that it would be a great edge beeing hard-drinking. Drinking is nearly everything you can do in Belfast. There are pubs and fast food restaurants all over the city. I would like to call it quite hard to find a good supermarket. As an example, we’ve never saw any spices. It takes something around 45 minutes to walk into the city centre.

Yesterday, the Belfast people have met together at the Botanic-Inn for a few pins of beer. We’ve become acquainted with some new people and got thrown out of the pub at 01:30.
Our way home was really funny and we were invited by some people to come with’em for some beer and conversations. I should not share to much informations at this point.

Finally, we are unable to get internet access at our home, that’s more annoying as i thought. 🙁