work and spare time

Hi @ all,

the first piece of good news is, that we finished our CISCO project (bgp over mpls) last week.

There was a nasty snag that we solved after taking a tip from a co-worker, but now the network is running and the people here were impressed. Now we are positioned in the service desk of the northern irish goverment, although we don’t answer calls or anything, the reason is that we’re now close to our co-workers and we have to speak more english than before. Sometimes we have the chance to go with a colleague to some outposts to fix some problems (to replace a switch etc.)

The next piece of good news is, that I saw the Giants Causeway. Steffen, Friedrich and me took a bus tour to a few of the sights where we saw the hexagonal stones of the Giants Causeway. That was really impressive and the landscape was so beautiful. We saw an old castle and a distillery (Bushmills – the oldest distillery around the world) too. We also crossed a small suspension bridge to a small island (which name i have forgotten =/) . The water around the island was dreamlike, it was as clear as crystal and reminded me of the caribbean.

We were lucky on the day, because the sun was shinning all the time. (We were away for approximately 12 hours). In the evening we were exhausted but Friedrich and Steffen couldn’t get enough and went into a pub to let the day fade away.


My first working week

Hey all,

here some infos about my job in Belfast. I’m working in the Northern Irish Goverment as an IT Assist. At first my tasks were similar to the work at the Charité, I have changed an old switch with a new cisco switch and solve a problem with a printer which wouldn’t get an IP. But I haven’t admin rights, so an employee must help me sometimes 😉 Since last wednesday I have these rights also and I’ve got a new task, I’ve to set up a network with 11 routers and 2 switches. It’s like a challenge because the routing protocol is BGP over MPLS and this is part of the CCNP. So I have to try out on my own and it doesn’t work by now =D I hope that I can solve the problem these week.

cheers, Ric

My first time in a pub

Hey people,

on thursday (father’s day) i was with steffen and the guys from the 5 men apartment in a pub namend „Botanic Inn“.  The pub is ca 15 min away from our home and the way at night was pretty cool. One of the house we saw was spotlighted with black light, this looks great at night. Arrived at the pub a smell of beer crossed my nose, the whole pub smells like beer. In the pub steffen and me met the guys from the other apartment. It shan’t be long and we talk with irish people. Then we taste the irish cider and i think it tastes good! Later we met a german guy who tell us something about ireland. At the end we went in the second floor where a disco was, but the pub and the disco closed at 1 o’clock, so we couldn’t enter. All in all it was a good evening.



Arrival and first day

Hey all,
yesterday was the day of our great travel to Belfast.
Our flight was dead in time and we arrive in Dublin 12.45 local time.
Then we bought bus tickets to Belfast and on our trip we saw the wonderful landscape and cities.
As we reached the end of the line, our contact person Kevin Shine picked us up and bring us to our apartments.
I live with Steffen and Friedrich in an apartment which is located in the south of Belfast.
Our view from our 2 balconies is breathtaking, the rooms are great and our 2 bathrooms are big.
In the evening we solved our first problem, the fuse is blown as we turned the light on. We called Kevin to help us and 10mins later he was on the ground and tell us what we can do to solve the problem. Then we ate something and watched a film.
K.O. from this day we went sleep.

Today we did all shopping and discovered the city. We bought new netcards for our mobile phones
and an UMTS-stick. Because we have 3 laptops and 1 stick, we practice to setup an ad-hoc net.
Then we cook us a warm meal and write this blog entry.
Greetz Riccardo