Ormeau Park

Hey readers,

it’s the third day in a row, where the sun is shining.

At Tuesday Robert, Marlon and I discovered a park, not far away from our accommodations. The park is called ‚Ormeau Park‘.
Compared to the parks in Berlin, the Ormeau Park is really clean. There is no rubbish and just a few butts on the ground. In the parks in Berlin, there is much more rubbish.

We saw many dogs and jogger in the park, no wonder, because in Belfast the sun is rare.

Yesterday Marlon, Robert and I decided to play basketball in the park. The park has got two tennis courts, four basketball hoops, a BMX track and much more opportunities to do some activities. So Marlon bought a basketball and we played two little matches.
It was very funny :).

By the way the park is really big as you can see in the picture below.

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See you 😉

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  1. I forgot to mention, there are a few dog poop on the path.. The park is almost clean, sometimes you can find some plastic bottles on the ground. Every 100 meter you can find a litter. I think the biggest problem in Berlin is, that you are allowed to drink alcohol in the park. In some parks you can see a lot of alcohol bottles and most of the glas bottles are broken. In Ireland the penalty for this is higher than in Germany.

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