Sunny Weekend

The weekend was pretty good. We had our first sunny day where the sun shining the whole time. It was quite good.

Saturday it begins with sun and ends with rain and snow. Yeah that’s true …

So I thought I don’t need an umbrella today but after a 2 km walk into the city centre it began to rain and then to snow. Also we have seen many cars that were covered with snow so the children ran onto the street to the moving cars to get the snow to build some snowballs. It looks very dangerous. But it seems that no one cares about it.

Tomorrow we want to make an English breakfast so we bought some stuff in the supermarket: baked beans, bacon, toasts, eggs and some sausages. In the evening some pubs in the Duke of York are calling us 😉

Sunday was the perfect day. Beginning with English breakfast und sun we could enjoy the day. It bring back some memories of Germany 🙂

The sausages included into the English breakfast was quite disgusting. Nobody could eat it. I think we’re spoilt of our German ones. No one could make it better than us 😉

But this small rebound we could bear today. My other afib colleagues decided to go around to the city, the river and the Ormeau Park. I need to post something so I dress my jogging gear and took my thing to jog to the next opening post office. That’s quite difficult on Sunday. After a few miles I found one. So I need one drink 🙂

Now I go to jog to the Ormeau Park to meet Tristan, Henny and Marcel, my afib colleagues I mentioned before. The park looks quite nice and beautiful. There are also some pieces of sport equipment to do some workouts.

In the distance over the hill I spot three people who enjoying the sun. I found Tristan, Henny and Marcel …. 😉

As is usual the evening ends with a classical German “Tatort”. It’s a German crime television program most Germans watch on Sunday…

Here are some pics I’ve taken while I got to walk outside:

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Tommorow it’s time for work at Capita ….

See ya

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  1. Oh the first sunny day there. Does the sun shine so powerful like the second last picture shows 🙂
    It’s quite good readable ….
    Maybe you forgot an „and“ but that’s not really a mistake, but it sounds better 😉

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