Walk though the park

I just walked though the park to take some pictures and relaxed a bit. In one of my older entrys I already posted some pictures of the Botanic Garden, but now I went to the park again and took some more pictures.

Because I wanted to do something and don’t wanted to spend money again, the park was the perfect solution for me. This time I went to the other side of the park and I saw a huge rainbow, because it was raining befor.

I took that picture before I was in the park, but it’s the only picture which shows the rainbow ,because when I was in the park the rainbow was allready to weak for the camera

On this side of the park is an asian style garden which is very awesome.

In berlin I went to the „Gärten der Welt“ where they also got an asian garden which it’s very nice too but you have to pay for the entry, but the Botanic Garden here in Belfast is completly free and that makes it better for spontaneously vistis.



There is a little stream in the Park with a small bridge, thats very beautiful and a lot of colourful flowers are everywhere in the park it’s a nice place where you can go if you don’t want to spend money or if you are low on budget.

greetings to everyone who read that 😀

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