End Of The Third Week

Hey there evryone,

the end of the third week is near and I am just about to go to bed or maybe I just go for another round of Warcraft 3 Tower Defense hum….don’t know yet but still it is an option.

So for that I was playing some old games the last days or better the whole weekend except when I moved to LIdl to get some food and drinks but unlike the last time I am no longer messing around with my knee so for that i just used my coffin this time so I was able to carry all that weight much more easier then the last time. Keep it rolling 😉

Coming to the whole weekend to keep it in some short terms I played a lot it was like the first time getting in touch with a game after three weeks so hell yeah i enjoyed it a lot! After the hard work to make Warcraft 3 run on these Laptops we were given which took me like 2 hours or something (normally 20 minuits) I was able to start having a good time! Games are fun and clear your mind so having the screen in front of you for fun and not stressful work is such a pleasure I can’t really get over it. I also enjoyed good food for example this Burito!

Burito 1

Burito 2

So yeah I was having fun after a hard week of work.

Nevertheless I will go on and play one more round and have a huge load of fun watching my beloved Animes right after it.


See you soon guys!


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