This week

At all there isn’t much to tell because it was a calm week.

There were some football matches we’re watching:


Hertha BSC – Dortmund           0-3

Bayern vs Bremen                    2-0


And also some shopping trips most times to LIDL because it’s cheap and it looks like our LIDL in Germany so we found everything we’ve looked for very fast. Last time we made an English breakfast with sausages. They were quite disgusting. So in this week I found there some German sausages This was my last resort…

I took some Nuremberg Bratwurst. These flavour like the German sausages.. it outstanding! 🙂

On Saturday we’re going to the St. Georges Market in Belfast. It’s a roofed marked with food, drinks, clothes and music.

While buying some stuff there we’re enjoying the music made by a little music band ….

The day ends with a good pasta bolgnese ala Tristan. That tastes very good….

See ya 🙂

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