Well it’s our last day here in Dublin and tomorrow our flight to Berlin goes at 7.30am. I am looking forward to see my friends and family even though I actually don’t really want to leave Ireland right now. I hope to come back here sometime in the near future. I had a really great time here and I am very thankful for the opportunity. Thanks to everyone supporting and organizing this trip.

Until tomorrow,

Berlin calling


That’s it. I enjoyed the time and I’m glad to come back to Berlin.

I still have something to do at work such as installing 2 laptops or changing hardware on a server. I purchased some cake and muffins for today. Now everyone is saying good bye to me and I’m feeling kind of sad at the moment.

But going home to Germany sounds really good and I am looking forward to seeing my girlfriend and my family again.

Nevertheless, I’d like to say thanks to all the people in the programm that made it possible for me to get the chance to work and live in ireland. Thanks a lot to the OSZIMT and the Afib for planning and supporting us.

I think this will be my last article and won’t write any more blog entries.


Last Day


this is it. My last day at work, nothing left to do  just waiting for my signatures. I’am nearly finished to pack my bags and looking forward to have a last (short) night in Belfast. We have to take the bus  in Belfast at o2.oo in the morning to arrive at Dublin airport on time.

It was a really good time here. My workplace was interesting and I learned a lot of things. Belfast is a nice city and David, Oliver and I had a good time here!

In diesem Sinne, wir sehen uns in Berlin!