where work is concerned…

Hi folks!
The whole last week, we have to test 2 more websites (hostelworld.com and bedandbreakfastworld.com).
Now I explain, how we proceed:
– We get a Excel table with a lot of listed bugs (about 200-400 bugs) for a specific website.
– Leo an I split the list, we organise our own workload.
– The list contains the bug ID, the reporter, a short summary of the bug, the priority and the status.


ID Sev Pri Reporter Status Resolution Summary Retest Status
5277 blo P1 Kristen Bourrillion NEW No availability showing

when there is availability

– We use a tool, it is called Bugzilla to create bugs and retest bugs.
– We enter the ID at Bugzilla and get the complete information of the bug.
– Now we check, if the issue is still remains.
– As a last resort, we give a retest status for the bug.

Later more about work…
Greetz to Germany,