even more rain

Well, it really was no joke when we were told that the weather wouldn´t probably be the best.
But never the less we had our meeting with the agency today at 11 o´clock. It was not really informative but we could tell them abut the almost freezing temperature in our room at least, so it was ok. After half an hour the meeting was already over and we decided to go downtown, get our bus tickets, eat something and get some more groceries.

The rain got heavier and we were completely soaked. When i was finally home I just checked if there were any fish swimming in my backpack. Luckily, that was no the case. But i don´t really think it will get dry until tomorrow.

At last here is an update for our kitchen.

I have to say it realy grosses me out. I don´t know what other people did in here and I´m not sure I want to either. The fridge probably survived about 5 ice ages without a proper cleaning and every single of the 3 water cookers is more disgusting than the other. I´m not sure what was cooked in them, but it was definetly not only water.
I have to say that I´m already really excited about possible findings in the washing mashine and the dryer when we use them the first time this weekend.


Tomorrow will be the first day of work. Let´s see how it is going to be.
For now, I´m out. o/

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