The first weekend in Belfast

[02/04/2016 – 03/04/2016]
The first weekend in Belfast was very relaxed for me. On Saturday the most of us met together to visit the Belfast City. The center of the City is in 20 minutes reachable. At the center of the city we have to find a shop, that sells RJ45 cables, because Lukas needed one of this cable. After a few hours and a few „electronic shops“ later we found a computer shop that sells RJ45 cables.
After the computer shop we walked to a grocery. There I had bought some food for the evening.


On Sunday Tristan, Hendrik, Henny and I walked along the Lagan River to the inner city again. The other half of the day we spent in our appartements.
Arrival, shopping center and my view
Arrival, shopping center and my view

Another rainy day

Now it is raining every day and every hour, but we had an appointment with our agency ‚Intern Europe‘. So we started walking to the agency, which was like 10 minutes from our flat away. At 11 o’clock we started with an little video about belfast and their sights.

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Goodbye Germany – hello Ireland

After a fee hours of sleep we had to set off to the airport. After about 2 hours of flying we arrived Dublin. We had to take a bus from Dublin to Belfast but our booked bus was to full so we waited for the next bus. In this time we drank our first Guinness beer and some of us ate something.IMG_0491

„Goodbye Germany – hello Ireland“ weiterlesen