the second weekend

On Saturday we got up early and make us breakfast cheese toast with bacon.
After breakfast we do a few purchases.
We bought drinks, food, cleaning and washing utensils.
The rest of the morning and afternoon we spent at home.
In the evening we met up with the others and wanted to go to a pub called Duke of York.
But it was too much full so we decided to try the Dirty Onion.
After a few beers we decided to change the location and went to the Free House.
There was then cocktails. we spent the remaining evening there.
On Sunday we slept a long time.
watched as it was nice weather again downtown closely.
It was nice weather therefore we watched again the downtown in the afternoon .


Have a nice Week


a quiet day

my first task on Friday was to find on working User Profile of a replaced computer and transfer them to the new computer . I know this task from Germany.
After that I could install a PC witch is used with a touch screen on it will a flash program run. There can play the children small puzzles and make games.
I  had closing time and weekends at 16.30.
At home we cooked our first selfmade meal in Belfast. It was cooked pasta with tomato sauce.
In the evening we watched a couple of films then we went to a pub drinking a beer and went to sleep.