First days at work

Since tuesday i am working for ‚Wilson Computers‘ which is based in Bangor. It is a small company which provids small business solutions. It is kind of far away, like 21 kilometers from Belfast.
Every morning i need to go by train which is pretty expensive.

I am the only guy who needs to pay like £ 120 a month. Its pretty weird. I hope the agency will help me to get it cheaper.


The work is in general pretty boring until now. Ross (he is something like a technical manager) and I drove through the countryside to visit some costumer and to fix their problems. To watch the countryside is pretty cool. There are a lot of little ‚bumps‘ or actually hills, but Ross is calling them ‚bumps‘. There is a lot of green grass, like i imagned back home in germany.

I hope that the work is getting better next week.

Now I am looking forward to a special match this evening. I will go to a pub to watch the ‚UEFA Europa League‘. I hope they will show the match Dortmund against Liverpool.




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