Walked through the city

today  I was walking through the city to get some nice snapshots but also to find some intressting places. I walked to the city centre from there I was running aimlessly through the city till I found the Sony Centre.
Sony Centre








I went inside to see what products they have and because I need some in-ear headphones because I can’t carry my arround-ear headphones everywhere and that is annoying.

After the short visit I continued walking and found a comicstore in a mall near by the Sonycenter.

they have lots of comics, mangas and merchandise. Yous can see it on the pictures.

The Comicstore was the last interessting spot that I found on my tour but on my way I’ve got some cool snapshots that I’ll show you here.


befor I went home I was chilling in a Park for a little time and just relaxed for a moment because we got some sunshine today and I wanted to take that chance 😀

let me take a selfi

Actually I wanted to go to the Pub or a Club today but after I went home and coocked my Chilli I did’nt made it to the pub but next week I’ll go to some Club and see whats up there.

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