Some Sort Of Depression

Hey there,

back to text how my trip goes. It was a very hard week for me because as you guys know I started with c#. As for that i was realy depressed when I came to work on Thursday because i had to get rid of more then 70% of my script I was working on since last Friday so it kind of erased every last bit of good mood in me…

anyway the reason I had to do that was just I first managed to make something run but not in the right way so i had to delete all of that and try to go a step further which means short maintainable code. Have a look at it actually >>click link below<<

Code Stuff You Know

But actually it wasn’t that bad at all because the first time we had some realy nice weather here in Belfast so it kind of cheared me up a lot.

Sunny Way To Work

Do you remember what I told you in my last post? Usually you see some hills 😉

As for that nothing special happened the rest of the week because I was just sitting in my room coding googling solutions and stuff so yeah hope you all enjoyed.

See you next time.



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