It’s sounds so esay

Today I’ve finally got the image I was working on to run.
The biggest problem that I’ve got was that I needed a lot of time, because it took more then 8 hours just to create the iso file, so what I did was I prepared the settings with Winreducer at home and just started the image creation process at work but even that was not enough.

I ended up to take my laptop with me while the process was still running and even if I changed the power setting to: „do nothing if closeing the lid“ for some reason the process was canceled when I closed the lid so I took my laptop home, without closeing the lid to be sure the process won’t get canceled again.

Another problem was that I was’nt sure how to do a default image because actually I wanted to use dism wich is a microsoft solution to capture a image of a physical computer using WindowPE (pre enviorment) and save that on a usb-stick and replace it with the one on the installationmedia but it took me to long and I was running from one errormessage to the next.

The next thing I tried befor useing Winreducer, was to convert a VHD, wich I wanted to install in a virtual machine to a wim file but the physical computer dose not got enough performance to install the virtual machine with Windows 8.1 and all the updates, so I could’nt do it like that.

I even tried to use the Microsoft deployment toolkit (MDT) to do a custom no touch image but I ended up with a message telling me the filename or the path would be to long, of course I checked all the file- and pathnames If they were to long but there was no file or path with more then 200 charecters (the maximum for the path or file name was above 200 charecters) I gave up on this because even after I copyed the files manually the image dose’nt worked.

The new image got the most updates for Windows and installs the software after the windows installation but I could’nt get the Microsoft Office updates on it yet because the installation of Office starts after the Windows installation wich also installs the updates but I’ll work on it and hopefully get it to work perfectly.

I was to much fokused in finding a solution and did’nt took any screenshots.

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  1. I can imagine 3 things why that with your laptop didn’t work.
    1 You only change the settings for either the battery or cable.
    2. You changed what happens when you close the lid but forgot to disable the sleeping mode.
    3. The HDD was pushed to hard while you were traveling with your laptop and it stopped for safety reasons.

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