Hello readers,

it’s halftime of our internship in Belfast. Only one month left until the flight back to Berlin.

The time runs very fast. Since 1st of April we are staying in Belfast.

Here are so many nice peoples. At  work, my colleagues are very kind to me. Almost everyone knows my first name. They are speaking with their first names, this is more relaxed than in Germany.

Compared to Germany, the prices for groceries are really expensive. For example: One ‚Philadelphia‘ costs about £2,40 (3,10€) in Germany you usually pay about 1,30 € .
In the center of Belfast, there is one Lidl. The prices are much better than in other small supermarkets. But this Lidl is far away from our accommodation… So every weekend, some of us are going to Lidl.

Unfortunately the pubs and bars are closing very early (1 am). So you are not able to do long parties in Belfast. After 1 am the party is over. You cant’t buy alcohol in supermarkets after 12 am, because most of the supermarkets are closing.

If the weather is good, Belfast can be very pretty, so I mean the nature. But this is unusual in Ireland.

I am looking forward for the return journey to Berlin.


See you !


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