Arbeit! Arbeit!

Moin everyone,

because lee alread told you about our Weekend )hopefully, I didn´t read his Blog so far) I don´t have much things to tell you. Work is the same, this friday I´m going to present the template for Joomla wich I have created in the past few days. Hope John (my Boss) likes it. Anyway I´m looking forward to the next Weekend, I promised myself not to spend mony on anything else than food in this week so I can save some money wich is rare enough for us here in Dublin.

My next Blog will come on Monday evening because we have a long Weekend this time here in Irland and we don´t have to work on monday.

c u soon,


Ein Gedanke zu „Arbeit! Arbeit!“

  1. Sorry but….stop crying please. Yes, it could be possible that Dublin’s nightlife is expensive, but you’ve been told to save some money. Everybody knew that he’ll need „lots“ of money. Furthermore you Dublin guys got alot of things for free like the transport ticket or free Wi-Fi. We had to pay 14€ by our own just to take a bus to Belfast. We also have to pay the transport ticket, it’s 56Pounds per month (~67,2€ x 2). Apart from this you got cheap Supermarkets within touching distance(Lidl?!).
    Maybe there are people which have to pay less for getting drunk, but also have to pay alot to have a acceptable lifestyle.

    Roger that.

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