First day at work

Hello from Belfast,

our weekend is over now. Since yesterday, we started to work at our placements.

My placement is at SportNI.
Sport Northern Ireland is the leading public body for the development of sports in Northern Ireland.

They have about 140 employees and the most of them have got a computer and a telephone.
So the IT have to support the employees and the hardware.

Yesterday we talked about my tasks or project.
My task is to renew the old kiosk system. On this system is running an old Linux version.
I should update this version and design a new layout for the kiosk system.

Well, to update the system is no problem for me, but to design a new layout is a difficult task I think.

My task yesterday was to install windows updates, update the programs to the newest version and to scan the whole laptop for viruses.

Well, over time I will tell you about the progress of my project.

Here you have some impressions about my workplace and the speed of the internet (Wireless LAN).

My workplace
Speed of Internet

See you 🙂

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