My first impression of Belfast

„Welcome to the place of never ending rain!“ I think you could say that this was the first thing that came to my mind after we arrived on Friday the 1st of April. The first impression of the UK was kind of bad. But anyway a lot of things happened after we finally made it to our new homes for the next 2 months…

I am about to live together with Gerrit in Belfast for 2 months and I have to say we were kind of lucky when we arrived at our new home. The first and best thing happened was meeting Oliver who is living in the same place as we do. After having a talk with him he agreed to show us around and we were kind of surprised what Belfast can offer to you. Here are some examples to show you guys what we are living.

Queens University Belfast School of Chemistry

The Belfast City Hall

The Victoria Square

Luckily the rain had stoped when we had our little tour through the city.

A day after at Sunday we went out to buy some food for the week and also to the Cinema later that day to watch the film Deadpool. We had a lot of fun doing that and laughed a lot.

Our Saturday was kind of an easy mood and we were trying to get used to this new place and the language because it was still very hard to overcome this nervous feeling when speaking with strangers and also not to do that much mistakes.

I also went to my the place where i’ll be working for the next 2 months but unlucky as I was I couldn’t find it at that time not knowing that it was hidden very well. That kind of depressed me because it was raining again and nothing seemed to work out this day.

Well nevermind let’s see what the future got for me. Till then have a good time!


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