End of week’s coming!

My first week…
7 days are over. The first week apart from the weather was really good. We’ve seen the city of Belfast and our work placement.

Getting in contact not only with our flatmates also with our English colleagues in the company.
We’re received by a niceness of the people you would never find in Germany so you’ll be nice too 🙂

In comparison to the work placement of my other afib colleagues I’m deeply contented with my one.
As yet I didn’t have seen so much of Belfast but for the first week for me it’s enough.

In this week we’ve doing a lot of things in the evening together but it was mostly watching football.
Often it were matches in the Chapionsleague or the Europa league.



There was no time to do something outside because seems to me if you out your feet outside the door it will rain. It’s like
a curse.

Our flat is very nice. It’s small and cosy. But it’s quite unlike the agency told us. They said we’ll get a whole floor for us.
Ya it’s only one room .. but the two beds they promised we can found there 🙂 Some evening it’s really cold in our flat because
the heater may only run up to 4 hours a day which is divided into 1 hour in the morning and 4/5 hours in the evening. On some days
it will be very cold outside ( about 5 degrees ). But it’s arranged in our contract so we had to accept that and slip under our covers.
But the others are worse off so we could be very satisfied.

Forge your own opinion below:

And now it’s weekend #sotrue #amk
For the most part I can’t complain because I’ve good mates here and all the other nice people here in Belfast.
But I’m also missing my people in Berlin 🙁

See ya

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