First week

At my first Work day show me graham the museum.

He is one of three employees.

We exchange Full Disk from Server and brought the full back to the warehouse.
Then I should update a W7 laptop to W10 which was not difficult.
After I had already done he had to go home and I can go home too because on that day no other was there.
I picked Marlon and we went to a steak house for lunch.

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It was delicious I ate there the best pepper sauce of my life ^^.
Since the weather was great, we wanted to kick a round but when we want to leave it started to rain so we went to Gino and drank a beer.
In the evening we looked at Tristan and Hendrik football.
On Wednesday we continued with work first should I set myself an email account.
Then an update of Macs on El Capitan and multiple backups of a W10 PCs.
On Thursday actually, I did the same as Wednesday Several updates and backup.
At the end of the working day we put still on a barcode printer and installed him.
At the evening Tristan, Henny, Hendrik and I went into the „Empire“ and watched Champions League.

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It played Dortmund against Liverpool.
The atmosphere was very good in the pub even though we were the only Dortmund fans.
After the game all went home and go to bed.

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