Lidl, Sakura and the pub

This weekend on Saturday I went to lidl and I’m happy that they got a lidl in belfast because I got the most things that I need. and they got lower prices then Tesco.

After lidl I’ve ate in a japanese Retaurant with the name „Sakura“ with Sebatian I ate a Soup with ramen. It was very delicious but also very expencive my whole meal with a starter the soup and a Cocktail cost me about 20 Pounds so I won’t eat there very often.

ramen noodles

When I Ate something we’ve met us (Henny, Tristan, Hendrik, Lukas, Gino, Robert, Marlon and Pubnightme) and went to the pub for the begining I’ve order two beers and a Whisky Cola after I drunk these, we changed the location from the „Drity Onion“ to the „Free House“ where I shared two pitcher of a drink called „the God Father“ with Henny when I’ve ordered the second pitcher of god father I’ve got a free beer because I’ve talked to the barkeeper and he told me whats his favorite beer is and wanted me to try it.

After the Pub we went home but we took a short stop at the SOS-Bus where you get some free food if you are drunk that’s pretty cool I guess.

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