Rain, sun, rain, sun, rain

Good morning everyone,

since last week on Tuesday the sun is shining … sometimes.
In Germany we call it „Aprilwetter“.

Every morning I ask: ‚Do I need an umbrella for this day‘?
In the morning, sometimes the sun is saying no.
During the day, the dark clouds are saying the opposite.

Now the umbrella is a part of my standard equipment in Belfast.
I think the umbrella was the best investment for this time.

Yesterday, the weather was beautiful, I think better than in Berlin.

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But today it’s rainy again. 🙁


Enjoy the weather in Berlin!
See you.

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  1. You don’t asking yourself if you need a umbrella. For sure, if you are staying at Belfast you need every day a umbrella, because of the never ending rain. In same cases the sun is shining, but for the most of our time it rained and rained and rained and so. =(

  2. Jaja Ralf,
    go home and searching some work to do. Now I will deleting every comment, that you will write under my articles. I hope for you, that we are will never met, otherwise I will…

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