First Working Experience

Welcome back to the country of endless rain! Some days went by now and I kind of get used to the rain which drops down nonstop…nevermind I was able to get an impression of how my work will be the next few months. But before I start to talk about my work I just want to add something unimportant but for me something that made me a little happy. It is the 2 for 1 Monday and yeah I am talking about Pizza!

Looks Awesome!

I had some kind of little fears when I first went to work in Belfast. The reason for that was pretty simple as I didn’t know how they handle things and if they are kind and stuff like that.

Nevertheless I went totally wrong with my thinking. At my work everyone seems to be verry kind and caring. Also in the mornings we have a little stand up so we can talk to each other what we’ve done and what we will be doing the day. That is kind of fun and it strengthen the work in a team. They also bought me a new PC only for this 2 months were I am working with. Here is a little picture of my workplace of where I be sitting every day.


I started by watching guides while I was trying to do what I’ve seen by myself.


Anyway I am getting home very late every day so I don’t have much time to get everything done as i whish to and I am also verry beaten by my work.

See what the future will bring…till then See you!

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