Let the game begin

Soccer Time in The Empire

Yesterday, Tristan, Robert, Gino and me went to the pub, which is called The Empire to watch the rematch Liverpool versus Dortmund. At first we decided to eat a dinner in the pub. Of course they are in some pubs the opportunity to eat something. I chose a Greek pizza, which was very delicious and I got my pizza very fast. That was pretty good, because I was very hungry at this time. After I smoked a cigarette the game started and Marcel, Lukas and Hendrik arrived to watch the game with us.

In the first 10 or 15 minutes scored Dortmund two goals, that was very satisfied, because we had something to celebrate and hoped too the game was decided at this time. Only the other guys in the pub, who were mostly going for Liverpool were quite quiet.

Liverpool had a lot of more chances as Dortmund, but only the goals were counted. For sure Liverpool scored one goal and then came Dortmunds goal again. Sadly Liverpool scored again. The result was 2:3 at this moment. After I really need a cigarette, because the atmosphere was so exciting and pretty awesome. While I smoked this cigarette with Robert in front of the pub I said to him: If Liverpool scores again, that would be very very fascinating. In this moment Liverpool scored another goal. That was very lucky and a little scary too, because Robert and the other blamed me for this goal. And then came the last minutes of the game… and it was really sad, but Liverpool scored the final goal, so they won the game and also came in the next round. Especially Tristan, who weared a Dortmund shirt was really disapointed and nearly cried.

For me it was very good game, because the atmosphere was so awesome like you are on german fan mile.


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  1. Hi Henny here I’m again 🙂
    I want to put you on enquiry that there are some mistakes.

    0.) maybe use matter instead of count (matter means counting in sense of be important)
    0.1) opportunity – opportunity
    0.2) choosed – chose (tenses: choose – chose – have chosen)
    1.) scored Dortmund – Dortmund scores
    2.) shoot a goal – you score goals and you shoot animals or so
    3.) if you use shoot please take the right tense [shooted –> shot]
    4.) „After I really need a cigarette, because the atmosphere was so exciting and pretty awesome“ .. please translate this sentence to yourself. You’ll see there’s a part missing
    5.) please use quotes (“ „) for direct speech
    6.) came – get in the next round or so
    6.1) weared – wore (tenses: wear – wore – have worn)
    7.) disappointed with one more p (disappointed)
    8.) german – German with capital G

    I’ll waiting for your next article. 🙂

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