Our football week …

This week is a totally football week. If you think we play football, no we don’t do so. We’re only watching the games every evening.

Beginning on Monday with a match of the second German football league RB Leipzig against Dusseldorf. After Leipzig go early behind they come from behind to win 2-1 at the end.

It was a good match because both teams had golden chances to score some goals.

Like every evening Henny want to join us. Staying in front of our door with 3 tins we can’t dismiss him 🙂

























At Tuesday evening there were some brilliant football matches in the Champions league with

So the team bold written will play in the semi-finals of the Champions league


It’s Wednesday and the Intern Europe Team invited us to join their “Quiz Night” but another import thing today is ….. You may know it 😉

Yeah it’s a football game the second part of the quarter finals. Today there is playing these teams:


I was very happy after hearing that Bayern Munich will play in the semi-finals because I’m an avid fan of that team 🙂

On Thursday it’s time for Borussia Dortmund to get in the next round against Liverpool. Tristan is wearing his BVB jersey and we went into the pub “The Empire” in the Botanic Avenue. The whole pub were filled with Liverpool fans so we’re the only ones support Dortmund. Hopefully we could leave the pub after the game if maybe Dortmund wins.

This idea I could forget at the end of the game because Liverpool wins the game and get in the next round. It was a really exciting game because Dortmund gain the lead with 2 goals and then Liverpool get one back. It was a dramatic period. So Dortmund scores the 3-1 so in the last part of the game Liverpool has to attack to get a victory. If Liverpool doesn’t win Dortmund get into the next round. So the drama begins. Liverpool scores the 3-2 and the 3-3. So all would be ok but in the very last minute they get their nose in front and win the game. The people in the pub escalate. So Tristan goes sadly at home with his black-yellow Dortmund jersey…


  • Liverpool against Dortmund*                         [before 1-1]       this game 4-3    [after 5-4]
  • Donezk against Braga*                                  [before 2-1]       this game 4-0    [after 6-1]
  • Prague against Villarreal*                              [before 1-2]       this game 2-4    [after 3-6]
  • Sevilla against Bilbao*                                   [before 2-1]       this game 1-2    [after 5-4 P]

* Watch the highlights of each game by clicking on the links above. Only available for a few days and only in Germany or with German proxy 😉


See ya

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