Second week at work

Hello from Belfast,

now the second week of work is over.

I had many tasks in this week, so I’ll start with my task on Monday.

In the company, there is a new hut. So the staff of the marketing department moved into the hut. There is an old multi-function unit (MTU). We tried to connect it with the switch. But there were some faults in the VLAN configuration and if we connect the MTU with the switch, there is no link. So we must think about the problem, how we can solve it.



On Tuesday I moved to another office because my project, which I wrote about last week, started. I have the task to renew the old kiosk system. The system is based on Linux, so it wouldn’t be a problem for me … I thought.
The first problem was the password. The system wasn’t used for years, so the staff have forgotten the password to enter the configuration mode. So my task was to crack the password. After a few minutes the password was cracked and I had access to the graphical configuration mode.
The whole system was very old, therefore I recommended to install an Ubuntu system on the kiosk. Ubuntu should run in kiosk mode.

On the pictures below you can see my new workplace.

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On Wednesday I have talked with the staff about the Ubuntu system. They were keen about my idea. So I started to download Ubuntu. After two hours the download was ready (1GB). Then I burned the image on a DVD. After that is was time to going home.



Finally it was time to install Ubuntu on the old Dell Optiplex 755. I wanted to put the DVD into the DVD drive. Just noticed,  that the computer haven’t got a drive. So I decided to install Ubuntu over the network. The configuration of the daemons and the downloading of the required files took about ten minutes. So next time I should prefer the network installation.
After the installation, I had to optimize the touchscreen and the rotation of the big screen. This wasn’t so easy, because after every reboot the settings of the display rotation were lost. So I had to create a possibility, that the screen will rotate automatically after every reboot. After that I had to set the X- and Y-axes of the touchscreen.

On the pictures you can see the kiosk.

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Now the kiosk is working correctly, but I am not finished yet. Next week the kiosk should start the homepage automatically. My other task is to create an HTML-page optimized for this kiosk. I guess this task will take a lot of time, but I will do this.

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I will keep you informed about my project.

Have a nice weekend!

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