Trips with my Parents: Friday

When i first suggested that my parents should visit me in ireland, I didn`t really expect that anything would happen. But luckily that wasn´t the case. My parents took the recommendation, flew to Northern Ireland, did a Trip through the country and finally stood in my frontdoor on thursday. We then went out to have dinner and randomly stumbled over an italian restaurant after wandering through Belfast for about half an hour. I have to admit that it really was delicious, even though my father seemed a little sceptical because his pizza base was so thin, he could basicly see trough it. While eating we spoke about our impressions of Ireland and planned our trip for tomorrow:


My parents decided that the best time to start would be at 10 am. So we started almost at that time and went in the direction of the Strangford Lough. Before we actually started the tour around this lake we did a small excursion to Donaghadee, to see a small lighthouse in the harbour. 

After that we drove straight to Mount Stewart. A huge mansion with gardens and a lake. This area was the residence of the Marquesses of Londonderry, the Vane-Tempest-Stewart family. Here are some impressions:

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The next stop was the crossing of Strangford Lough with a ferry from Portaferry to Strangford.
It was pretty windy and cold but also pretty nice at the same time. There is nothing like a fresh breeze of sea water.


After that we stombled through a lot a „sheep droppings“ and some old ruins which turned out to be a Game of Thrones film location.


We spent the rest of the day driving back to belfast and eating some lunch in a way to expensive restaurant. But never the less I might have eaten the best steak in my entire life right there, So I assume it was worth at least.


Saturday and Sunday are comming soon.



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