The whole week

This week we’ve done so much together. We’ve watched a handful of football matches (read here) and walked up the mountain Divis. This mountain we see every day so we decided to get there on the top to get an overview through Belfast and to enjoy the air and the wonderful nature while the sun is shining.

I decided to jog through the city, going into the gym and after that to meet Tristan, Gino and Marcel on the top of the mountain. After I reached the bottom of the mountain I looked on my map and astonished about the distance I had to shoulder. Nevertheless I had to find the other three guys so there’s no going back. After 30 minutes and after some shouts I’ve spotted the others.

My host company pleases me more and more. This week I get some more work to do. In my department it’s important to learn all the operating cycles and the stuff to work on my own. So I get some tasks which are not very diffcult but also interesting. They use a SolarWinds Server to manage all nodes (e.g. Cisco Switches) on all their Primary, Secondary and Special Schools in Northern Ireland but also in GB. So I had to enter the new connected switches to the SolarWinds so that they could also be monitored. SolarWinds offers an overwiev through all switches and selected ports if they currently online or offline. That’s very exciting and new for me…

In course of the week I get the possibility to visit one secondary school to see the cabinets (that are predefined areas where other switches and patch panel are placed.

During this trip I learned something about Mat. He’s an engineer for the schools. If my department finds some problems that can’t be solved remotely Mat drive to the school to maybe exchange a switch or an Meru AccessPoint. 

At the end of week I get the chance to sit on Ahmed chair because he’s not here for 2 days. The result of that was that I could use 3 monitors with independent screens but Colum said that I only need two, but I want to use all three although I only need two 🙂


Mhm my name wrongly spelled ….


See ya


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