Trips with my Parents: Saturday

On Saturday we had even bigger plans to accomplish, so we started very early at 9:00 am. This time even Henny joined our small group, even though he wasn’t very happy about the time he had to get up.

The first stop on our trip was Dunluce Castle. It was not very spectacular but interesting never the less. Besides that it had some really amazing views. Also we could watch some seagulls trying to land on the cliffs in vain. They failed so often it was quite hilarious.


After taking some pictures and enjoying the first glimpses of sunlight of the day, we decided to continue our journey along the coast and arrived at the Giant’s Causeway. That was one of my absolute highlights this weekend. Now I know exactly why everyone is recommending this as a must see. You can really see the beauty of northern Ireland there. Everything you looking at could basically be sold as a motive for post cards.

Have a look on your own:

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While still being amazed by the stunning nature, we rested a bit in a small restaurant we saw from the street. It turned out to be great as well and we even went there again to eat some cake later, but first we walked to our next destination, the Carrick-a-Rede Rope Bridge. It is what you would expect: a rope bridge hanging over canyon. What makes it really exciting though, at least for that specific day, is the strong wind which was letting the whole bridge shake like crazy. Pretty exciting, pretty heart racing but pereeeeeety awesome at the same time. The feeling when you completely stepped over the bridge was beyond description.

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We spent the rest of the day driving back on the entire coast until we reached Belfast. It took quite a while but it was worth it. Some stops and about one hundred pictures later we finally arrived in Belfast. When we sat in our room and tried to rest for some minutes, it was already about 9:30pm. Our recovery was over pretty quick because we went out to a bar where we spent the rest of the eve.

So that´s it for today, let´s see what awaits us for the last entry; „Sunday“. just one hint. Belfast will be the big word.



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  1. Yeah that was really an awesome journey. For me it was really the best day in Northern Ireland. Thank you very much to Claudia – and Jürgen Geßner.
    @Lukas: Your tags are really confused. Why you use the tag capita and batman again? That makes no sense. You can also write german guy, currywurst or berlin…. =)

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