Trips with my Parents: Sunday

The last day of the weekend we spent entirely in Belfast. On Sunday morning my parents stood in my frontdoor once again. Ready for some sights, and luckily not so early in the morning, we went downtown. The first thing in our minds was a sightseeing city tour with the bus. The bus stood just in the parking position as we arrived at the station. The guide was a German women who lives in Belfast since 6 years. I came in quite handy because my parents could just ask her everything they wanted to know in German.
The tour was over after about one and a half hour. It really was funny and also informative. Our guide did  a great job and she also recommended us some sights we shouldn’t miss.
The first thing we visited was the St. Georges Market. There were all kind of things. From food to clothes, arts and even live music. None of us bought anything though.
After that we wanted to visit the Crumlin Road Gaol, which is basically a prison. The only problem was that there is only a complete English tour available. So we decided to went for the Titanic Museum instead. That was probably the best decision we could have been made. It was very interesting, there was a lot of interesting stuff and it never went boring, NEVER – in a museum. I found that to be very impressive. So to all these who still want to visit it and are not quite sure yet: Do it. It is definitely worth the money.
We then went for dinner in a very cosy pub. My mother even tried fish and chips and seemed to like it. After that my parents brought me back home and we said goodbye the last time before they were flying back on Monday.

Thanks for everyone who stayed to the very end of all these articles . I know it was quite a wall of text.

And thanks for my awesome parents to visit me here in northern Ireland and for all the trips we did. It was really fun!



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  1. Den I can agree. The visit to the Titanic Museum really worth the Money.
    We had a great time in Northirland. Thanks to Luke his boss for a vacation.!!!

    Geetings from Germany

    Claudia und Jürgen

    P.S. The rental car was returned without crach.

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