No clouds at all

Today was alot of sunshine in Belfast I saw no cloud on the sky at all. It’s so beautiful to see a clear blue sky after weeks of rain, rain even more rain and some hail. Okay there was some sunshine befor but most of the time there is rain or hail and such a clear sky as today was not even to think of. two day ago, on way to work I saw a drain witch became a fontain that was kinda funny.

Street fontain

finally we got some good weather in Belfast even if it is in the middle of the week. today it’s even warmer then in Berlin at least the weather report dose say so 😀

I took some pictures as well and hope the rest of  the  week or at least the weekend will be similar even if I doubt it but who knows maybe we’re lucky end get a sunny weekend.

and because there was a little mistake on my last entry wich was very embaressing for me…
here is little joke for the end of  that entry related to my last one. 🙂  🙂  🙂

cocked chilli con carne
How to cock yor chilli ;P

I hope that you got a nice time in Germany.
Goodbye  😀


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  1. The weather indeed was really nice the last few days. I didn’t saw any witches though, but I sure can imagine the bizarre view you must have seen. What happened to the pictures ?

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