The Trip

Dear Readers,

I want to tell you something about my last weekend. It starting off with Saturday morning. So at 8:30 am the parents of Lukas picked us up to go on a whole day journey to the coast of Northern Ireland. The weather was very good, but I knew it could  change from one to the other moment.

Lukas and me (from right to left)

At first we visited an old ruin. That wasn’t really special, but it was ok for the first stop and you were able to see a beautiful coast and cliffs.

Here you can make an impression.

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The next stop was  a  famous place, which is called “The Giant’s Causeway”. At first we all got some a portable audio guide which gave us important informations about different positions. (You can see them in the pictures below). The weather was again awesome, but the wind didn’t stop to blow and the guide, who is German spoken, told  us that this is the roughest place in the world, but having a look at it. The view of  the cliffs and the sea was really beautiful. I had never seen this before.


After that we all got a little bit hungry, but it wasn’t easy to find a restaurant or a little café at this area. We talked and thought about Germany and we all agreed to want to buy a typical German curry-sausage, but there was no way to find some , especially not in Ireland.

After a while, we were very happy to find a little restaurant, which is called Red Door.
It was a typical little Irish restaurant. The people who work there were very friendly and the lunch was pretty delicious. I ate a baked fish with some different salads. After we finished our meal we wanted to leave. Then we opened the red door and were we felt really overpowered. The view of the country was awesome, so you had no other choice to just stay there with your mouth wide open and can’t no words left to say for 2 minutes.

Then we decided to watch the harbor, it was near the Red Door, but by walking this way, we met a woman, who wanted to talk to us. She said that we had to walk for 15 minutes and after that we would arrive at the rope bridge. That destination was at the top of our to do list for this day, so we walked along the coast in between of many sheep’s. I felt very well, because I was not hungry and the weather was still pretty awesome. At our time in Ireland I never felt so good at any time.

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At the end of my article, I want to say to Claudia – and Jürgen Geßner thank you very much for this beautiful journey and special thanks. A great pleasure for me.

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  1. Also we want to thank you. The day we have made together nicely and have seen a lot.
    Maybe we will meet again in Berlin.Good luck for ther rest of time in Belfast.
    Greetings Claudia und Jürgen

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