Sport and good weather

The next Day we went again in the Park. I bought a Basketball and Robert Gino and me played some Basketball in the „Ormeau-Park“. It was nice to do some sports and to enjoy the sun.

At Thursday I made a trip to some different offices in northern Ireland because we can’t solve the problems from our office. My colleague and me drove to 4 offices. We configured an access point, change a faulty screen and we want to change a printer but nobody was at the office. So after 15 Minutes we drove back.

Here is the company car it cost 179£ that like 228,49€.

We enjoyed the sun.

Henny wrote me in the morning that he want to play basketball with us. So I called him that we went again to played basketball and he came with us. We played some short 2 vs 2 games and a game that called 31. Who gots first 31 Points won the game.

After 1 and a half hour we went home. I cooked some chicken breast with salad and pepper sauce. It taste damn good!

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