Third week at work

Hello from Belfast,

it’s Friday and it’s time to write an overview about my workweek.


I optimized the kiosk system. For example: At every startup, the user will login automatically. I think this is more comfortable. I put some commands into the startup applications. So the kiosk will do start completely automatically.



I think the system is optimized enough. So I started to learn how to create a HTML page. After that I learned how to create a stylesheet (CSS). I tried to create the homepage for the kiosk. This is quite complicated for me, because the design of the homepage should be pretty. I worked with some templates, but the result wasn’t satisfying for me.



I told my boss, that the creation of the homepage will take a lot of time. He suggested to take another, maybe a homepage of WordPress. So I started to write the documentation about the kiosk. This is quite a lot…



On Thursday I continued to write the documentation. Finally the documentation is 12 pages long. It contains some information about the system specifications, the system and users, actions at system startup, a troubleshooting guide and other guides.



Today I edited the documentation. I corrected some grammar mistakes and added content to the troubleshooting part. Than my boss explained my new task. More information will come next week.


Here you can see a picture of SportNI from the outside.


Have a nice weekend!

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