End of the third workweek

The third week has started. The start was quite relaxed, there was enough to do at work and it was not too much.

Most of the time I am so busy to check computers and laptops for errors and fix them then.
On Wednesday came more. I should check printers, notebooks and computer to external damage.
Then on Thursday I got a declaration in the storage system. Each type of device has his own designation. There is a distinction between printers, computers, notebooks and servers, as well as if it is a customer or school device. To reserve a device that needs to be repaired, the device is assigned to the employee and brought with an order note from the storage. Mostly several devices were reserved at the same time.

On the last workday of this week there was the task to replace the RAM and the LCD display of a notebook, to install Windows 7 and to check which drivers are required.

Let’s see what happens at the weekend.
See ya

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