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today I recived a parcel from berlin with some snacks and spices in it. Thanks you mother 🙂After the parcel arrived I played Warcarf 3 with Sebastian we got some trouble to setup the localnetwork. The network was to slow for Sebastian to start the game wich was only Installed on my laptop and shared on the network. Sebastian needed to download the game from the Internet as a zip file, unziped it and manually added the registry entrys these were nessesery to use the updater and get the game to the same version as the game on my laptop because the game he downloaded was outdated and was’nt supportet from the newer version on my laptop.

After we got this problem solved we finally were able to start the game. In the game are multible gamemodes wich could be played these gamemodes are provided in differend maps. We played for example tower defense.

  Warcraft 3 tower defence map
Warcraft 3 Hero bossfight

In the tower defense gamemode you have to build towers wich attack enemys and the enemys try to get to your base or to a special destination and your task is to kill the enemys with the towers befor they can reach there destination.

It was alot of fun and we could relax a bit.

Game Over

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